A collection of smart directors, designers, storytellers, digital natives, media mavens and social butterflies.

Our studio exists to produce extraordinary advertising and design for extraordinary clients and brands.

Our mission is simple: Find the single most important characteristic about a client and create meaningful brand stories that will stop consumers in their tracks. We aim to create world-class advertising, design and creative content for today’s marketplace, and our Extra factor always leaves clients with the feeling they received an incredible and lasting value for their investment.
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Strategy is not a department here, it’s in everything we do.

Our clients talk to those doing the work, not someone in the middle, and our bright team of highly motivated individuals provides a feel and attitude that sets us apart. We are a hybrid, cross-disciplined group working in an open environment. We keep it simple. We give extra.

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Our Three-Legged Stool

All the best work sits on top of a 3-legged stool, and a well designed stool depends on the balance of equal foundations. If any one leg gets cut short, the work itself could fall. Our creative follows a similar philosophy and those foundations are:

  1. Clients are the source of all we accomplish. We listen closely.
  2. Consumers are who we design for and the reason our clients exist.
  3. Creative integrity is the lifeblood of ECP. It’s harder to get work out our own doors than it is to obtain client approval.

Our Services

Extra Credit Projects is a creative concept, advertising and design collaborative. Just what can we do for you? Enough that we had to create a whole page for it. + Learn More

Our Story

For over 14 years, Extra Credit Projects has existed to create extraordinary work for extraordinary clients and brands. + Learn More


Speaking to design groups, judging shows, teaching and being published are just a few of our extras. + Learn More

Extra Credit Projects Studio Concepting


Finding incredible opportunities is simply part of the atmosphere at Extra Credit Projects. The endless pursuit of giving extra to our clients, our communities and each other is what makes us who we are. Weʼre always looking ahead to add to our team and collaborate with passionate like-minded people, so if youʼre someone who gives a little extra, weʼd love to talk.
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Principal Bio

Creative Director, entrepreneur, educator and artist Rob Jackson is the founding principal and Executive Creative Director of Extra Credit Projects. His mission has always been to create world-class work, right here in the Midwest. + Learn More