Chemical Bank

One of the largest independent banks in Michigan, now expanded across the midwest.
Chemical Bank Aretha Tribute

Reshaping a brand.

Chemical Bank has expanded across Michigan state lines to establish itself as the financial destination of the Midwest. Through our Gravity Alliance partnership, ECP has helped reshape Chemical Bank’s brand, communicating their commitment to Michigan and beyond with campaigns that cross all media. Today, we are hard at work on the next chapter of the Chemical brand story.

Chemical Bank Annual Report Cover Design
Chemical Bank Billboard – Out of Home Media
New Logo Campaign OOH Cutting Loose Chemical Bank
Chemical Bank Newly Branded Posters
Chemical Bank Cares Day Banner 2018
Chemical Bank Cares Day Shirt
Chemical Bank Quarter Coin Wrap Out of Home Media – Creative Billboards
Chemical Bank Made in Michigan Advertising
Business Growth: 30
Chemical Bank Momentum Made In Michigan Billboard
Community Spirit: 30
Chemical Bank Rake Out of Home Media Unique Billboard Design with Extension
Chemical Bank Mittens Donation Box Design
Crunch Time: 30