Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

The fifth largest rehabilitation hospital in the United States.
  • Ask for Mary.

    Collaborating with Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's marketing and management, we overhauled their brand aligning it with their unique position in the marketplace. Now we work seamlessly with Mary Free Bed through a variety of strategic work, outdoor, web, print, TV, collateral materials, teasers and events. We help cultivate a sense of place and purpose for both consumers and the MFB staff. From groundbreaking crutch shovels, to blurred billboards, to prosthetic leg lamps, you might say we have the entire community asking for Mary.
MFB There's Hope Ahead Trees Out of Home
MFB XAD Mobile Media
MFB Ground Breaking
MFB Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Out of Home. Media
MFB Trauma Break Free Out of Home Media
MFB Concussion Rehabilitation Out of Home Media
MFB Trauma Billboards Stroke Rehabilitation Out of Home Media
MFB Holiday Outdoor Reindeer
MFB Summer Out of Home Media Marys Law Orange
We Decked the Halls
Silent Nights
Mary Free Bed Design
Mary Free Bed 125 Year Logo