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Together We Will Keep Each Other Safe

As part of their on-going initiative to ensure safety during the 2020-21 academic year, Michigan State University, along with the City of East Lansing partnered with Extra Credit Projects for a little extra unique campus campaign.

With the goal to keep best health practices top of mind, ECP worked to create and place relevant messaging in one-of-a-kind ways in high traffic areas around campus. Tactics included large building banners, bench wraps, yard signs and more.

  • Spartans Will.

    Working with the communications department to extend the "Spartans Will" message on campus and beyond, we've created banners, street signs and other nontraditional advertising for the school's new battle cry. These tactics put the message directly in front of their audience of students, faculty, alumni and supporters. The grassroots efforts accounted for thousands of social media posts, mentions and engagements across the Spartan nation.

Research and discovery-driven messaging.

Visitors to East Lansing saw branded messaging on billboards, the Spartan Stadium, elevator wraps, bench and trash can graphics, and selfie spots in the most photographic places around campus.

Spartan Stadium Helmets Guerrilla Marketing
Spartans Will. Call.
Spartans Will Trash Can