The Toasted Pickle

A one-of-a-kind eatery in Grand Haven, Michigan.
  • The new toast of the town.

    The Toasted Pickle is a restaurant in Grand Haven, Michigan specializing in handcrafted sandwiches and a unique culture. Made from scratch, ECP produced the name, brand, story, signage, menus and more. Watch for a franchise near you in the years to come.
Toes in the sand. Teeth in this.
Toasted Pickle Lemonade Growler
  • Website and Pickle Shooter.

    The Toasted Pickle’s website features not only a simple way for customers to browse their menu online, but also the ‘easter egg’ web-based game, Pickle Shooter, which uses some pretty nifty HTML5 technology.

The Toasted Pickle Mural
The Toasted Pickle Menu
The Toasted Pickle Shirts